Music Admission - 2021-22

Fee Structure:

  • Form fees: Rs 350/- (Non-refundable, to be paid online while filling the form)
  • Admission Fees (One time, non-refundable):
    Indian Nationals: Rs 4000/-
    Foreign Nationals: Rs. 5000/-
  • Monthly Tuition and Instrument Fees for New Admissions:
    Indian Nationals: Rs 1500/- per month
    Foreign Nationals: Rs 4000/- per month (for ICCR and Non-ICCR scholars)
  • All fees, once paid, are non-refundable.
  • Subject to revision

Instructions for Online Admissions:

  • Admission forms for Hindustani Vocal Music classes will be available online from 28th June 2021, 8am to 4th July 2021, 8pm on Gandharva Mahavidyalaya’s website. Please note that the form fees (non-refundable) should be paid online at the time of submitting the form. Unpaid forms will be considered invalid.
  • One can select class timings and audition timings while filling the form online. Please read all the options carefully before making a choice.
  • Kathak and Odissi dance admissions will be held later this year.
  • No Bharatanatyam admissions will be held this year.
  • Admissions for Instrumental Music will be held once the pandemic situation improves and offline physical classes are permitted.
  • Number of forms and seats are limited, and forms will be available on first-cum-first-serve basis. After filling the forms online, auditions will be held offline at Gandharva Mahavidyalaya between 2nd July to 7th July 2021 (audition slots can be selected while filling the online form). Admissions will be granted on the basis of the audition results. The decision of the Vidyalaya will be final, kindly accept it gracefully.
  • A class-wise list of selected candidates will be shared on the Vidyalaya website on 8th July 2021, 8am. It is the responsibility of the candidate to check the list and make the necessary payments.
  • Selected candidates are required to pay the admission and tuition fees online (link will be provided once the audition results are out) or by cash at the Vidyalaya between 8th July to 15th July 2021, 10am to 2pm, and 3pm to 5pm.
  • Classes for new admissions will begin from 19th July 2021.
  • All classes will be held online for now, and offline physical classes will begin once the pandemic situation improves and the Govt. permits.
  • It will be compulsory for all students to keep their video cameras on during the online classes.
  • Once the Government permits music institutions to open physically, offline classes will resume and online classes will be discontinued.
  • Once offline classes begin, COVID vaccination certificates will need to be provided by all students and staff.
  • Please note that owing to the current COVID situation, the admission process is subject to change.


  • Please prepare a short 1-minute song (classical/ semi-classical/ film/ devotional/ folk) for the audition.
  • Please make sure you reach the Vidyalaya 15 minutes prior to your audition. Do not be late. You can look up the address and location in advance to avoid last-minute delays.
  • Please carry a print-out or a soft copy on your phone of your duly filled form and receipt.
  • Due to COVID restrictions, you will be permitted to enter the Vidyalaya premises only at the designated time of your audition.
  • Only the candidates appearing for the audition will be permitted to enter the Vidyalaya premises. Relatives/ friends accompanying the candidate, if any, will have to wait outside the gate.
  • Only children (8 to 14 years old) will be allowed to be accompanied by one parent/ guardian, who will have to wait in the waiting area while the audition takes place.
  • Please wear masks and carry a sanitizer for personal safety. Kindly carry your own water bottles.
  • Please cooperate with the Vidyalaya officials and staff in order to make the process as smooth and safe as possible.
  • Gandharva Mahavidyalya will take all necessary precautions to make sure that the audition process is safe during the COVID times. However, we do not take any responsibility in case of unforeseen situations.

General Rules:

  1. Minimum age for admission is 8 years. Children classes are for the age-group of 8 to 14 years.
  2. Admission to the Vidyalaya is open to all persons irrespective of caste, creed or religion. There are separate classes for male and female students in vocal music.
  3. Applicants for admission are required to undergo a preliminary test/ audition.
  4. Prarambhik and Praveshika Pratham vocal classes for children are held twice a week, one hour each.
  5. All other classes are held three days a week, for one hour each class.
  6. Tuition and Instrument fees are to be paid monthly in advance by the 15th day of every month. A late fee of Rs. 200/- will be levied after the 15th and till the end of the month.
  7. Students who do not deposit fees for 3 consecutive months will have their names struck off the rolls. Re-admission may be considered only in special cases.
  8. Students are required to keep the fee-receipts for record.
  9. All fees, once paid, are non-refundable.
  10. Admission fees must be paid only after audition and final selection.
  11. Attendance is strictly enforced and students are required to attend regular classes. 75% attendance is compulsory.
  12. Identity cards are compulsory for students. Students must carry their identity cards to the Vidyalaya. In case of loss of identity card, a new card will be issued with a payment of Rs. 200/-.
  13. In case of unavoidable circumstances, teachers of any class can be changed during the course of annual study.
  14. In the absence of a class teacher for a short period, arrangements will be made to provide a substitute teacher during that time.
  15. Change in the address of a student should be immediately notified to the office.
  16. No persons other than students of the Vidyalaya are allowed inside the classrooms without the permission of the Principal.
  17. Children who are not students of the Vidyalaya, are not allowed in the premises.
  18. Students have to obtain prior permission of the Principal for participation in any public programme, failing which their names can be struck off the rolls.
  19. Dance students have to follow an appropriate dress code as suggested by the teacher (Kurta-Churidaar/ Salwaar-Kameez/ Frock-Slacks). The dance dress may be brought in a bag and the students may change at the Vidyalaya.
  20. Use of mobile phones is not allowed during class hours. It has to be kept on silent or switched off mode.
  21. Personal belongings have to be guarded by the students themselves. The institution or its staff will not be held responsible for any loss.
  22. The bag for vocal/ instrumental class should contain notebook, pen/pencil etc. and dance class should contain ghungroo, notebook, pen/pencil, small towel etc.
  23. Music and dance training demands sincerity and hard work, and there are no shortcuts or easy fame. Parents are requested not to pressurize the teachers or Vidyalaya officials to have their ward included in choirs, performing troupes, etc. since such selections are based purely on merit.
  24. Bona-fide Certificate will be issued only after completion of 2 years’ training.
  25. The Vidyalaya remains closed on Sundays and observes important holidays of the year (notified from time to time). It closes for a period of approximately six weeks during May-June on account of summer vacation and around one week each in October and December on account of Durga Pooja and Christmas holidays.
  26. Students are liable to pay for any damage and/ or loss caused to any property (including musical instruments) of the Vidyalaya.
  27. Students are encouraged to participate in the cultural functions organized by the Vidyalaya.
  28. Students are advised to read the notice board/ website regularly.
  29. Foreign students are required to submit copies of their passport, visa etc. (It is mandatory for Vidyalaya to inform the immigration authorities about new admissions of foreign students.)


  • Rules & Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Principal.
  • In all matters, the decision of the Principal will be final.
  • Only First-Aid medical facility will be available in the Vidyalaya.